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Have you ever tried to comprehend infinite? Not of the "Never ending" or "Eternal" variety. I'm referring to a cosmic infinite, space unending. Go on. Try it. Boggles the mind, does it not? Humanity is unable to comprehend the concepts of unending existence. Some have dedicated their life to the study of the universe and have not even scraped the surface. There are things that lurk among the stars, and worse.
I have personally observed millions of solar systems, alien constellations, and even gaps in the very fabric of reality. That Is why I am writing this down for posterity. It may seem to be fiction to you, but believe me... The hunters that hide behind the thin veil of existence eagerly await others such as myself, those that have been exposed to the falsehood of reality.
I was like you once. A mundane human, blissfully ignorant of the truth. Until my eyes were forced open in a very brutal manner.
Even now I can remember with horrifying clarity the cult that tried to orchestrate my sacrifice to their false gods. It was the fifth of December, about two years ago. I was returning home from my job at the library. I was greeted by a young woman with an eccentric look in her eyes. With a flip of her night-black hair she asked if I would like to join her for a stroll.
In my mind I knew something was off, but I felt a compulsion, almost like I was destined to follow her. To this day I wonder if it was my loneliness that drove me to follow, or a darker ominous force that beckoned me to obey.
We went to a bar and had a few rounds. She smiled and offered me a drink. I couldn't refuse that face any more than I could reject her offer of company. Two sips into my drink I could feel my consciousness ebbing. She laughed and elbowed the guy next to her. "What a lightweight, eh?" I slipped to the floor and the darkness wrapped itself around my mind.
I awakened chained to a rock in some cold dark forest, shivering when a gust of wind as cold as the grave robbed my body of heat. Voices were chanting in some bizarre aborted language. The gurgles and ululations forming a foreboding chorus, and in this hellish music I could sense something evil crawling around unseen.
The chanting grew close, encroaching upon my freezing naked form. As my eyes adjusted I could see several hooded figures gathering around me. One walked forward with an ornate blade coated in precious jewels and began carving symbols of an enigmatic nature upon my flesh. I tried to scream, to let out some sound of anguish, but I was gagged with a length of velvet cloth.
The figure carving the runes into my skin steps forward and throws her hood back, still chanting. It's the woman from the bar. She had a maniacal smile stretched out across her face. She ceased chanting as the group slowly crept together around me and their chants grew louder to make up for her silence.
She placed the blade against her tongue and drew sharply. Not even a wince as the blood began to flow.  Brushing her hair back once more, she leaned in and removed the gag from my mouth. Too shocked to even to call for help she pulled my head away from the slab of granite and locked her lips over mine. The taste of blood permeated my mouth as she probed around, and a shudder of revulsion washed over me. I can taste the corruption within her body.
I tried to pull away but blood loss had rendered me helpless. It felt as though I was freezing from the inside out, her tainted blood sliding down my throat. She stroked my hair as she pulls away, some sick parody of affection.
My gag reflex kicked in, but nothing comes up. The stars above me were swimming in and out of focus and everything seemed to dull. She climbed onto the slab and straddled my bleeding body. She began to speak in that unholy tongue again and her speech started to speed up. The group had joined arms and started rocking back and forth, swaying in tune with my own heartbeat.
Her eyes flash with an alien intelligence as she plunges the knife hilt deep into my heart. This time I do scream. But something happened. The very world around me seemed to recede, leaving me in a dark void.
I went to pull the knife free, only to see that it wasn't there. The gaping wound was still present, but no cultist's, no knife, and no earth beneath me. Ahead I noticed a  pulsating mass of organic tissue writhing it's way towards me. As I turned to flee I could feel some sort of appendage wrap around my leg.
I was jerked through the void by some massive, grotesque, and utterly alien entity. I began pleading for my life as it pulled me in front of a gigantic pupilless eye and stared me down. You could have fit a house into that loathsome orb, a sickening shade of violet-green. A deep echoing rumble escaped the beast. Honest to God, I swear it was laughing at me.
A small tendril erupted from it's eye and began to trace it's way along my skull, the rumbling ceased for now. The slimy tendril pressed up against my forehead, pressing into it as if the test the structure.
And then it wormed it's way past bone, sliding through my brain as though searching. For two hours this continued and I never stopped my mad shouting once. "What the hell are you?!" I cried out pleadingly.
The thing starts to rumble again as it withdraws the tendril. I reached up to find that there was no entry wound. In fact, all of the lacerations were healed over. Scar tissue had even built up.
It's eye continued to stare in the same manner a squid would identify a potential home. It reached my head once more and gently touched my forehead, rumbling the whole time.
As it made contact all of my neurons seemed to fire at once. But that was only the beginning. In the time that thing touched me to the time it withdrew, I had lived over a billion lifetimes.
I have set foot upon a star, basking in the nuclear warmth that pervaded it. I have traveled across thousands of planets. I watched the birth of a star system, and watched it die a slow death. I have met a thousand races, many killing themselves off at the apex of their society. I have fled from the hounds. Ripped my way through hundreds of dimensions, and touched an omnipotent entity that fancies itself a god. I have personally overseen the development of an entire galaxy, nurturing it and becoming elated at it's success as the inhabitants transcended reality itself.
And then it pulls away, eons of knowledge and experience crammed into a fraction of a second. Yet are they my memories? Or this cosmic monstrosity? The hands I have seen in these memories are my own, and I remember the feel of earth and mud as I sculpted a planet in my own hands. Is it some sort of sick joke?
Moments later, almost as if bored, the creature vanishes, casting my body back into my own world. As I collapsed to the ground the people who wished to murder me are pulled through to the other side. Some being ripped in half by massive clawed limbs. Blood coats the ground as they vanish amidst cries of primal terror.
I can hear the woman laughing as she walks away, untouched by the chaos that is tearing apart her associates. Once more the darkness takes root, and I awaken in a realm of alien landscapes as I try to piece together what happened.
This is how I live for the two years leading up to this account. Bouncing through dimensions and avoiding the monsters that hide behind the lie of reality, I may have finally made it home. How am I still sane? Simple. I'm not.
Truth be told, I doubt even my humanity. I may be about as human as a quasar, or a neutrino wave flung from a dying star. Am I corporeal because I wish to be? I spend hours screaming at the galaxy, begging for answers. I have killed the raven haired seductress a thousand times over. Two years spans over decades. I have become unstuck from time itself on more than one occasion. Sanity? I think it no longer applies.
I have learned rather quickly that reality is false. It may be a figment of your imagination. You may be the fevered dream of some alien intelligence from beyond space and time. Who am I to judge? I may not even be real. And if this written statement is deemed fiction so be it.
I actually sent this off to a publishing company, but it was probably a pipedream.

I tried to give it a sense of detachment, but I think I failed.
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graudon7507 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012
I actually think something like this could be the best book ever for me.I love this kind of stuff.
BigBro18 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! I wanted a breather from cheap writings about psychics, werewolves, and vampires.
graudon7507 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2012
Well i loved it.I think it,s a shame that it,s not a book i would love to read something like this,
Tallest-Ariva Featured By Owner May 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I LOVE IT. :dummy:
...For some reason, the way the narrator is talking reminds me of the Ellimist. I HAVE NO CLUE WHY. It's just... O.o
Anyway, I am so jealous of your writing. We should do a collaboration some time...
BigBro18 Featured By Owner May 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
That would be fun.
Tallest-Ariva Featured By Owner May 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Next time you visit, we can. :dummy: Hopefully it will be as EPIC as the famous Weiner Dog story.
Also, did I tell you I've filled out an application to work as a skating carhop at Sonic? I'm gonna take it up there soon, I hope I get it. It'll be my first job. :D
BigBro18 Featured By Owner May 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Sweet on all fronts.
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